Quasar Rainbow 4 Foot LED Tube

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Quasar Q-Rainbow Linear LED Tubes are powerful and portable RGBX lights with an array of professional features. The tubes are barely larger than standard T12 fluorescent lamps and can be powered either by self-ballasted AC power or an off-board DC battery pack.

The Quasar Rainbows feature independent LED diodes to create white light from 2800-6000 Kelvin. The separate RGB LED diodes allow the lamp to produce a full 360-degree color palette with vibrant colors. They can be mixed with the white light LED diodes to produce more muted pastel colors.

The lamps can be fully-controlled by built-in Lumen CMRX Radios and wired DMX and can even be linked together in a “follow the leader” mode. Each comes programmed with a library of effects that can be manually controlled to suite specific needs.




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