Indie Shooter #1

Rent for $319.00 per day

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The Indie Shooter #1 is the perfect package for getting your content on the internet and includes:

1 Panasonic GH5 Camera OR 1 Sony A7s Mark II Camera
2 64GB SDXC Card
1 DSLR Cinema Support
1 Veydra 12mm Prime Lens
1 Veydra 16mm Prime Lens
1 Veydra 25mm Prime Lens
1 Veydra 35mm Prime Lens
1 Veydra 50mm Prime Lens
1 Sachtler FSB6 Tripod Head
1 Arriflex LMB-3 4X4 Clip On Mattebox
5 4X4 Filters


The perfect package for your YouTube videos!



For Multi-day Rentals: Call for Rate