HME Pro 850 Wireless Intercom System

Rent for $200.00 per day

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A wireless intercom system featuring 2 channels of intercom, auxilliary audio input and scanning of best frequencies.

The PRO 850 is frequency synthesized allowing you to successfully operate in hostile RF congested areas. Frequencies can be selected in 25 kHz increments over each 18 MHz operational band providing you with 720 different transmit and 720 different receive frequencies.


• Frequency agile UHF operation – 470MHz to 740MHz
• Automatic frequency scanning for interference free operation
• Automatic power output control for exceptional range and longer beltpac battery life
• Two channel hardwired interface simultaneously supports two-wire and four-wire systems
• Channel lockout with busy signalization for beltpac remotes sharing same frequency


Download Manual


• Base Station
• (4) Belt packs
• (5) Headsets
• Travel case

For Multi-day Rentals: Call for Rate