ARRI FF-4 Follow Focus

Rent for $60.00 per day

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While the new FF-4 contains the essentials for pulling focus on any type of production, the choice of either 15mm or 19mm rod adaptors means that you can shape the system to meet your particular requirements.

The FF-4 follow focus is an industry workhorse and has already proven itself on countless tough shoots all over the world, so you needn’t worry about it letting you down. ARRI engineering is internationally renowned and the FF-4 is one of the most robust motion picture accessories ever built. No matter what else goes wrong, your pictures will stay sharp.


• Follow focus system for use with film and cine-style lenses
• Gear ratio of 1:2 is appropriate for a wide range of lens barrel sizes
• Economical and robust



For Multi-day Rentals: Call for Rate